"At EyezChina, we want to see our clients flourish in the Chinese marketplace. We will devote all our resources to ensuring our client is properly positioned to achieve the maximum return on their investment."
What makes EyezChina different?
EyezChina helps foreign small and medium-size enterprises enter the Chinese market by identifying, defining, and exploring profitable opportunities.

Companies seek our services when:

  •   They want expert advice on specific industries, competitors, or products.
  •   They want a strategic market entry plan.
  •   They want to pursue an investment in China.

  • EyezChina is ready for your specific business request and we look forward to creating a long-term partnership with you as you plan your entry into the Chinese market. We want to grow with you, and we’ll help you every step of the way to ensure your venture is successful.
    Market Insight, Market Ready
    We know your needs are unique, and each project we undertake is designed to meet your specific requirements. We follow proven methodologies and use our experiences with some of the world's top organizations to help you achieve your objectives. EyezChina will use its local expertise and global perspective to help you gain the insights you need.

    EyezChina works in close partnership with our clients, viewing your successes as our own. We don’t sell you a standardized service; we study your company's specific needs and try to identify how we can help you. When you’re ready, we’ll be there to help you find the support you need, be it a market study, a business partner, or an investor.

    When you choose EyezChina, you will receive:

  •   High quality service at a competitive rate.
  •   Solutions tailored to your needs.
  •   A long-term relationship.
  •   A standing network in China.
  • We don't succeed unless you do
    We understand how challenging it can be to enter the Chinese market. You need the right insights, the right strategy, and a partner to help you step-by-step. We help you identify the right opportunity, develop a plan to act on that opportunity, and then connect you with the people who can help.