EyezChina鈥檚 strategic partnerships allow us to provide you with a comprehensive market entry services package. From industry specialists to investment, we can help you find the right relationships here in China.

Shanghai Bofa Investment
Shanghai Bofa Investment Co. Ltd. is the holding company of EyezChina Consulting. Founded in 2002 by Tim Lu, Shanghai Bofa has successfully raised hundreds of millions of dollars for investment projects around China. Through our partnership with Shanghai Bofa, EyezChina can help foreign companies locate local investors. EyezChina is also capable of investing directly in those client companies that show promise and align with our strategic objectives.

Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
Founded in 1958 and administered by the Municipal Government of Shanghai, the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) is China's oldest research institution for the humanities and social sciences. SASS is a not-for-profit think tank based in Shanghai and independent of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

EyezChina has partnered with SASS to develop the EYEZRFIDTM financial index. With the assistance of researchers from SASS, EyezChina has created an index and database that offers unparalleled insights into China's RFID market.

US Pacific Rim International
US-Pacific Rim International, Inc. (USPRI) is a U.S. consulting company with an office in Beijing which manages and executes marketing and sales on behalf of international companies in China. For almost a decade, USPRI has been providing practical, hands-on support to assist international companies market and sell their products, technologies, and services in China.

USPRI's signature service, the ChinaOffice Program, is a low-risk, minimal investment method for their clients to expand their business in China. With this program, USPRI will establish a team of foreign and local sales and technical professionals to lead your client's business development in China.