关系 - Guanxi

“Guanxi,” or “relationship,” is a commonly used and very powerful term in China. No matter what type of business you are planning to begin- import/export, wholly owned business, or joint venture - you will find that the relationships you establish can impact the success of your venture.
Our Network
EyezChina has a vertically and horizontally integrated partner network that can help you both enter and grow in the Chinese market. We will help you identify local business partners, potential investors, and establish the relationships necessary to ensure that you understand the expectations of the local government.
The Chinese government is a resource that can help your business navigate all manner of questions, including those related to regulatory issues, competition, partnerships, and investment protection. EyezChina can help you establish relationships with those who are best positioned to address your company's needs.
EyezChina has established relationships with numerous industrial associations in China. Relationships with experts within these associations help us stay close to trends in the market.
Whether your business is looking for business partners, investors, or would just like to screen local suppliers, we are ready to help. We assist you in targeting the right person in the value chain and help you establish a relationship with the target company.
EyezChina can help you pull statistics and research from primary sources.
Macro-level data:
  •   National Bureau of Statistics in China;
  •   Local government data;
  •   Monthly economic indicators;
  •   UN Data;
  •   The China Year Book, national and city level;
  •   Industrial newsletters, local newspapers, etc...
  • Micro-level data:
    EyezChina specializes in developing research projects customized to your company's specific needs. Our team of experts performs the research and reports our findings to you.
    Our Financial Network
    If you are looking for investors in China, we can help. In addition to our relationship with Shanghai Bofa Investment, EyezChina maintains relationships with numerous leading banks, trusts and securities firms.
    Bohai Securities
    Guotai Jun'an Securities
    Qilu Securities
    Shenzhen Development Bank
    Western Trust
    Zhonghai Trust
    Zhongrong International Trust
    New China Trust