6 Solutions
EyezChina conducts high quality customized research in China, and our 6 Solutions address most of the business issues that our customers face when entering the Chinese marketplace. With the 6 Solutions as a guide, you can choose a solution that resembles your needs and together we can work to develop a customized product.
EyezMarket is our comprehensive market research solution to help you develop a complete picture of the local market. We provide you with up-to-date market information and help you interpret macro-level market data, economic, and policy trends.
Product research is an important step in minimizing risk when entering the Chinese marketplace. We research various kinds of industrial products and provide relevant information on market data, supply and demand, market segmentation, production price, SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) analysis, barriers to entry, and development trends for your products.
EyezCompetitor analyzes the major competitors in your market and informs you about their market share, distribution network, KSF (Key Success Factors), strategy, and strengths and weaknesses.
EyezValueChain illustrates where all players fit into the target value chain. From suppliers to end users, EyezValueChain analyzes the relationships between each player and helps you identify potential suppliers, partners, or distributors.
EyezConsumer specializes in analyzing the consumers in B2B markets, and it helps you to identify and target potential B2B consumers. We will provide you with prospect profiles, define the prospects' needs and expectations, and review the prospects' KBF (Key Buying Factors).
EyezInfo is our basic market research product. We will help you gather detailed data on a specific product or industry and supply you with the raw information for your own team to analyze.