Market Insight, Market Ready
EyezChina Consulting (视亚咨询) is a registered, full-service market entry consulting firm. We specialize in helping foreign small and medium-size enterprises (SME‘s) enter and adapt to the Chinese marketplace. EyezChina aims to help our clients develop their business by analyzing China's market and combining local expertise with a global perspective. EyezChina is itself a potential capital investor; we leverage our broad network of financial institutions to invest in our clients directly, or connect our clients with prime investors.

EyezChina was founded by a group of passionate professionals from top global and domestic market research and consulting companies. Our goal is to provide the same professional service as larger firms, but with a more customized, cost effective, and localized approach. As we have grown, we have found that market research services are not enough for our clients; therefore, we have expanded our services to support our clients as they establish their network of investors and business partners in China.

"It's not that you can't do it, it's that you don't know you can do it!"
EyezChina is dedicated to supporting all elements of your market entry strategy, from preliminary market research to identifying investors and business partners. We are partnered with Shanghai BOFA Investment and Management Ltd., an investment company founded in 2002. Through our partnership with BOFA, EyezChina is capable of investing directly in our clients' businesses.
"We want to grow with our clients."
EyezChina wants you to know that with the right support, you can be successful in the Chinese marketplace. We believe in growing small and medium-size enterprises. EyezChina is not only dedicated to delivering intelligent insights to these enterprises, but also to forming lasting relationships and working as their trusted advisors.