Unifying Talent and Expertise
EyezChina's talent pool includes only exceptionally well-educated individuals with experience both at home and abroad. The consultants at EyezChina have accomplished backgrounds and hold degrees from top universities inside and outside of China.

The EyezChina team meets the highest standards of professionalism and brings diverse insights to bear on our clients' requests. We are seasoned specialists with years of industry and functional expertise. At EyezChina we are constantly expanding our talent pool to include experts and academics with international experience, and we have recruitment channels through China's top universities. Click below for more detailed information on our executives and staff.
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Management Team
Mirabelle Mi,
Mirabelle holds business and economics degrees from École Supérieure de Commerce de Montpellier, France. Previously she worked for Sinotrust and TNS Research International, both global leaders in market research. Mirabelle specializes in industry research (B2B), branding & communication research, and satisfaction research (B2C). She has a thorough understanding of market research methodologies and her clients have included numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Mirabelle has conducted more than 100 in-depth interviews and 50 FGDs, she has rich B2B market research knowledge and industry knowledge. She’s specialist in the market research of environmental protection products, energy conservational products, energy products, building materials, chemistries products, and mechanism as well.

Mirabelle founded EyezChina Consulting Ltd. with the goal of providing market entry consulting services to foreign SMEs. She is responsible for business operations and management for EyezChina. Since founding EyezChina she has been paying close attention to developments in the field of industrial research and, under her direction, EyezChina has developed its expertise in several areas of B2B industrial market research.

Mirabelle has also brought together a team of experts with extensive experience analyzing the Chinese marketplace and communicating those insights to foreign multinationals. Her main project team has a combined 20 years of experience conducting industrial research projects for the world’s largest companies and EyezChina’s ever expanding network of industry experts possess in-depth knowledge of their various fields of specialization.

Mirabelle believes: It’s not that you can’t do it, you just don’t know you can do it. She aims to make EyezChina a leading market research and market entry consulting firm in China.

In 2012 Feb, Mirabelle was nominated as a candidate by “State Department/Fortune Magazine international mentoring program”.

Also, Mirabelle is a member of WEConnect and EyezChina is currently going through the certification of WBENC-Certified Women's Business Enterprise.
Grace Zhang,
Grace holds bachelor and master degree of marketing from Business School of Jilin University. Grace has more than 6 years work experiences in industrial market research with 200+ projects management experiences. She specializes in industry research, competition research, brand research, satisfaction research etc. She is master in both qualitative and quantitative research.

She previously worked for Sinotrust and CMRC, both famous in market research in China. The clients she served for are: Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Hunter Douglas, Bosh, Halfen, Epson, KSB, Donaldson, Honeywell, Vestas, Emerson, Grundfos, Caterpillar, ITT, Fluke, Acciona, Kavo, etc.

Grace has rich projects experience in the fields of building material, electronics, water treatment, industrial automation, metallurgy, electrical engineering, railway, consumer goods, etc. She is professional on in-depth research in both B2B and B2C fields, with 800+ in-depth interviews and 200+ large quantitative sample research experience; she has rich market research experience on industrial products and project management, with outstanding communication skill in English and Chinese.

Grace joined EyezChina as a partner in 2012. She is in charge of the domestic business development.
Gisella Cardellini,
Gisella has more than 13 years of experience in marketing and communication.

She has worked extensively at international level on a projects in the area of e commerce and web 2.0 marketing strategies, brand management, Corporate and product communication, market - business development and B2B marcom in Italy, Ireland, Australia and Spain with proven record of accomplishments in planning and leading comprehensive marketing and communication strategies and plans in support of business goals.

Among others: the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne, West Indies Rum & Spirits Producers Association in the ACP Caribbean, FIAT SpA, Irisbus - IVECO SpA, COVIND S.P.A, SKF Group, SAA (School of Management, University of Turin), the Directorate of productive activities for the Emilia Romagna region, Cork 2005 Ltd ,TNT Global SpA and the Canadian Birks & Mayor Inc.

With a Degree in International Marketing (Hons) and a Master in International Studies in Social Entrepreneurship, between the Indiana University and the University of Bologna, Gisella speaks fluently Italian, Spanish, French and English and she’s studying Chinese and the Chinese Culture at Shanghai Jao Tong University.

Gisella joined EyezChina in 2012 to help the company expand its international presence in the fields of marketing and communication strategies on-line off-line and market entry consulting, as well as promote EyezChina internationally.
Tim Lu,
Investment Manager
Tim is the founder and President of Shanghai Bofa Investment Company, Ltd., the holding company for EyezChina. Under Tim’s leadership, Shanghai Bofa has managed numerous major investments in the Chinese stock market, funds, trusts, and various startups. Among other projects in 2010, Shanghai Bofa raised RMB 500 million for Sunning Universal, a real estate developer listed on the Shenzhen Index.

Prior to founding Shanghai Bofa, Tim lectured for eight years at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and his work has dealt with the Chinese stock market since its founding in 1990. Tim has managed or been involved in numerous projects relating to project financing, corporate restructuring, securities investment, and commodities trading. In 1996 Tim began to work as an investment manager, and in 2002 he founded Shanghai Bofa. Shanghai Bofa is primarily focused on M&As, IPOs, and project funding. His company also aids local SME’s that are searching for funding and investors in China and hopes to begin supporting foreign companies entering the Chinese market in the near future. Shanghai Bofa is also the holding company for Shanghai Chengnuo Investment and Wealth Management Ltd., and Beijing Caizhi Hongdao Technology Ltd.

In addition to his work with Shanghai Bofa, Tim is an honored researcher at The Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and a Councilman of The Shanghai Institute of Quantitative Economics.
Lu Yu,



Claire Guo,
Financial Analyst
Claire Graduated from the highly ranked Xi’an Jiaotong University with a B.S. in accounting. She has over 5 years experience working for multinationals and she is a specialist in accounting and auditing, with overseas experience in M&As and IPOs.

Clair began her career at PWC in Xi’an then moved to Beijing where she served as a financial risk analyst for TNS. She has extensive experience with credit and business risk analysis and she is qualified to conduct credit analysis and financial reporting.

Claire has conducted business risk research for the real estate, transportation, power, retail and medical industries. She has also performed financial assessments for companies in over 10 industries and she has extensive experience in assessment and risk analysis for SME’s. As EyezChina’s financial manager Claire will formulate the financial policy according to our strategic development plan and advise the company on financial issues as we navigate major financial decisions.

Project Team
Nathaniel Wu,
Key Account Manager
Education Background
  • Communication University of China Journalism Major bachelor's degree

  • Customer Communication Experiences
  • Nathaniel has three years experiences in industrial market research fields, has worked in 3 consulting companies
  • Nathaniel focuses on industrial, Medicine, Manufacture, Bank, etc.
  • Familiar industries: Industry automation, Building, Power, Water treatment, etc.
  • Previous Clients: ABB, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Pudong Development Bank, etc.

  • Capacity
  • Excellent communication skills, good problem-solving skills
  • Abundant experiences in client service
  • Henry Hu,
    Fieldwork Manager
    Henry worked for TNS Global from 2003 until 2011, where he gained several years of market research experience and one and a half years of fieldwork experience. At TNS he worked in QC, CATI, FLW, and FLW-Auto Teams. His projects primarily focused on areas relating to the automotive industry, the telecom industry, the healthcare industry, and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

    Henry’s close relationship and expert management of his fieldwork teams ensures that his agents keep an eye on both efficiency and quality. He possesses a sophisticated understanding of various research methodologies, and he is thoroughly experienced with quality control systems associated with conducting field research. Through Henry, EyezChina has contracted with three fieldwork teams, and Henry is fully versed in the execution of B2B and B2C projects using CATI.

    Henry worked on numerous challenging projects while at TNS, and he is excited to bring his insights and expertise to projects with EyezChina.
    Allen Liu,
    Allen was recommended for admission to Nankai University without taking the university entrance examination, and he finished his undergraduate studies with a B.S. in applied physics. On graduating from Nankai, Allen was accepted to Peking University where he is currently pursuing his master’s degree in IT Marketing. Allen specializes in Cyber Marketing, Brand Management, and Finance, and he has passed the Level I CFA examination. His previous experience includes work on a proposal for Neo City in Fuzhou Software Park. In 2010, Allen joined EyezChina as an intern to help the company establish an RFID industry database to support the company’s market research projects and promote the new EYEZRFIDTM financial index.
    Integrated Talent
    EyezChina cooperates with A Better Community (ABC), a consulting organization for NGOs. We share a recruitment channel through this partnership that helps us recruit top-tier talent to ensure that the most innovative solutions reach our clients.
    Integrated Network
    Through our partnership with Shanghai Bofa Investment and Management Ltd., an investment company founded in 2002, EyezChina is capable of investing directly in our clients' business.